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  1 Come se avessimo...
Auflage: 16 signierte Exemplare und IV e.a. Exemplare

Edizioni CTL :
artists' books in collaboration + artists’books by Clemens-Tobias Lange
  8 Shewa Ber : Mechachal
Edition of 25 + 6 e.a. numbered and signed copies
  7 Ghiacciature I
Domenico Brancale / Clemens-Tobias Lange
Edition of 9 numbered and signed copies + 1 e.a.
- out of print -
  6 OnniSanti (AllSaints)
Edition of 15 numbered copies + 1 e.a.
no 4 - no 14, normal edition - out of print -
and 3 copies : No 1/15, 2/15 and 3/15 with "Suite Libre"
no 3/15 is still available
30 numbered copies + 6 e.a. copies
  4 viaggiare
Clemens-Tobias Lange, Domenico Brancale and Stefano Vinieri
Edition of 11 + VI copies - out of print -

(the remaining copies are available at NEUES KUNSTHAUS AHRENSHOOP in a box, together with 4 more artistbooks by Tina Flau, Susanne Nickel, Sabine Golde and Reiner Fest) 1.800,- €
  3 MEXICO, Catalino's letters,
Stephan Köhler / Clemens-Tobias Lange,
Edition of 25 + X e.a. copies.
- out of print -
  2 Georges Adéagbo
The Story of the lion »Franchement«

total edition: 333 copies
including 15 copies Ed. de tête: Extra book by Adéagbo - out of print -
  1 Yoko Tawada, Ein Gedicht für ein Buch
Yoko Tawada / Stephan Köhler / Clemens-Tobias Lange
Edition: 45 + XV e.a.
- out of print - (ask for occasion)
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Gemeint ist das Unsichtbare, HAB / CTL-Presse 2012
Gemeint ist das Unsichtbare
Catalog 2012
in german language
poesia per i sensi - Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana BNM
Poesia per i Sens
catalog 2007
in italian language
Kleiner Katalog Künstlerbücher III, Ahrenshoop
Künstlerbücher III,

small catalog
Edition Hohes Ufer Ahrenshoop
    CTL-Presse – fine printed illustrated editions, and livres d'artistes  
  8 Chinghiz Aitmatov, Das Lied des Akyn (The Song of the Rider)
Edition of 100 + V copies
  7 Fernando Pessoa, Wahrheit und Aspirin
Award: winner of the first prize of the Walter Tiemann award 1998.
Edition of 145 + VII copies
  6r La Scuola Siciliana, (The Sicilian School )
2 volumes: Vol.1: 52 p. with seven original colour prints by CTL.
Vol. 2: 56 p., contains the german translation and the italian critic edition
Edition of 95 + VIII e.a. copies.
Regular edition: The copies numbered No. 26-95 are bound with fire-oxygenized copper panels


  6t La Scuola Siciliana, (The Sicilian School )
Edition de tête: the copies numbered No. 1- 25 have original Muranoglass panels made by Seguso, mixed with vulcanic Obsidian from Sicily
  5 Shen Jiji , Die Geschichte des Fräulein Ren
Edition of 115 + VIII copies.
Award : One of the best designed books of Germany,
Bronze medal “Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt“
  4 Cesare Pavese, Das Mysterium Die Musen Die Götter
Edition : 75 + V copies.

  3 Italo Calvino , Die Unsichtbaren Städte (The invisible cities)
Edition, 120 + V. copies
Award: One of the best designed books of Germany
In german and italian language. With 8 original colour prints by Clemens-Tobias Lange. Leporello in slipcase. 2 x 42 pages
Edition of 150 + V copies.
Award: One of the best designed books of Germany
    Libretti ctl
The Libretti are small, ctl-designed editions and artists' books for a reasonable price!
  7 »New Mexico, Catalino's Letters«
Photographs by Stephan Köhler; a small laserfacsimile from the Artists’ Book "MEXICO", (EDIZIONI CTL 2000),
2 volumes, 44p. per volume, 8x22 cm, Hamburg 2009
€ 22,-
  6t Albino Pierro, Curtelle a lu sóue, Messer in der Sonne (Knifes in the Sun)
ed de tête : artists’ book in 250 copies, 208 pages, 26 pages with images based on photographs by Clemens-Tobias Lange
€ 95,-
Award: one of the 50 best designed books from Germany 2003
  6m multiple : 5 copies are published as a signed multiple with drawings by CTL on the images
  6p trade edition: pocket paperback edition of 750 copies
160 pages,  € 13,20
  5 Dimitris Lyacos, Nyctivoe regular edition, 2 volumes, each 48 pages. Vol. 1 Greek edition, vol. 2 german translation by Nina-M. Jaklitsch.
regular edition: 330 copies. 2 Vols.  € 19,80
  5t ed. de tête : 40 copies, numbered and signed, printed on Tyvec. The cover paper of the ed de tête has been painted by the artist with ashes and fixed. € 60,-
  3 Susanne Wenger, Transkreatürliche Osmosen
Total edition: 550 copies,
regular edition: 425 copies
  3t ed. de tête : 125 copies are numbered and signed by the artist, with a binding with traditional "kassai" from Zaire, signed by Susanne Wenger
  2 Fernando Pessoa / Álvaro de Campos, Ich brauche Wahrheit und Aspirin
A small edition, containing all the poems of the main volume "Wahrheit und Aspirin"
Edition: 2.000 copies
  1 Yoko Tawada, Ein Gedicht in einem Buch
A small experimental edition of the artists'book "Ein Gedicht für ein Buch"
Edition: 1.000 copies.
Award: one of the 50 best designed books from Germany 1996.

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    ’a camàsce - annual poetry publication (first editions)
In June ’03 the 3rd edition of »’a camàsce« has been designed and produced for the first time by CTL. Selection of the contributions Domenico Brancale who has published the first and the second edition.

  7 'a camàsce No 7, 88 +2 p, summer 2007  
  6 'a camàsce No 6, 64 p, summer 2006  
  5 'a camàsce No 5, 48 p, summer 2005  
  4 'a camàsce No 4, 48 p, summer 2004  
  3 'a camàsce No 3, 64 p, summer 2003
2003 'a camàsce contains publications by: Nino De Vita, Adriano Napoli, Franco Loi, Benjamin Florance, Tobia’ Eisermann, Arturo Federico, Roberto Roversi, Vitaniello Bonito, Giovanni Falsetti, Domenico Brancale, Giacinto Scelsi, Francis Ponge, Hervé Bordas, (all in italian language), and a conversation with Castor Seibel (in french language)
’a camasce no. 3 is including images by :
Marcello Tedesco, Hervé Bordas und Clemens-Tobias Lange
64 pages, Offset - und letterpress printed.
198 numbered copies and 16 e.a. copies